Colorado Winter Scene

From a photo reference by Gabor Svagrik, painted for Matt Smith’s online landscape class.

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A Workshop On Clouds

I attended a workshop given by Linda Glover Gooch at the Scottsdale Artist School a couple weeks ago and came home with six small studies. Here are three. Way too much fun.

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Oregon Deep Woods

This was a painting I didn’t know if I could handle. It’s from a photo reference, taken by a friend. I was attracted to the dappled light in the forest, but aware when I started that that could be difficult to capture. I keep looking at it and think I pulled it off. It was fun.

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Repainting Older Work

Sedona Dawn on Courthouse Butte

After a few months in the Matt Smith online course, several of my older paintings have been put back on the easel. My eye is more critical now. Some of the older stuff needs to be completely re-painted. Some of it needs to be tossed. Some I think can get away with some touch up. Here’s one that changed considerably from when I painted it first three or four years ago, and again last month.

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San Luis Obispo Oceanscape

San Luis Obispo View

This is a scene from the coast near San Luis Obispo, near Shell Beach. First time I have ever tried painting water like this and I’m pretty happy with the result. One of the very few paintings I can ever remember where it all went together easily. The other thing that is different on this one is the palette; virtually all of it was painted using only Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Orange, and Titanium White.

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Matt Smith Online Course

In March of this year, I started an online art course taught by Matt Smith, one of my favorite painters. It’s titled “Simplifying Landscape Painting”. So far, it has exceeded my expectations, and has me thrilled to be back painting again every day. I hope to be posting some work here in the blog. My goal is to produce one good work a week and submit it for Matt’s critical review, and to those fellow students also in his class. One of my other objectives is to improve my ‘batting average’ from one good painting in three attempts, to something better than that. I would be thrilled with one out of two. We’ll see.

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Hard Country

Just finished this one today that I’ve named ‘Hard Country’.  Trying to create a little different look with the palette knife in the background rocks, thinking that it adds a ‘rocky’ look and adds some harder edges.  Progress.

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Mark Boedges workshop

Near the Salt Cliffs

Last week I attended a Scottsdale Artist’s School workshop led by Mark Boedges, from Vermont.  We spent time out at the Salt Cliffs, and Mark did this demo facing away from the cliffs.  Six hours total, three hours on Wednesday and three hours on Friday to finish it up.  Methodical, thoughtful painter who ends up with a ‘painterly’ finished product that other painters, including me, admire.   I ended up bringing this one home, and named it ‘Near the Salt Cliffs’, a name Mark thinks works just fine.

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Sahuaro and Palo Verde

Cactus scene

So much of the desert is see-through trees and shrubs, that it’s a challenge to paint.  Here, I put away the artist brushes and for much of the painting used a little 69 cent brush from a hardware store.  Long, soft bristles that make it a little easier to capture the scrubby stuff on the desert floor, and the Palo Verde and Mesquite trees.

This is from the Bear Canyon Trailhead, looking north to the Catalina Mountains.  Mid-day sun, and probably would have been better earlier or later in the day, when the shadows get longer.

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Henry Yan’s Scottsdale Artist’s School workshop

Last week I attended a workshop at Scottsdale Artist School taught by Henry Yan.  Henry is a 20-year teacher at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he teaches figurative drawing and painting. And the SAS workshop was just that, figure drawing in charcoal.   Henry’s work is beyond whatever words I could use to describe it, so I’m including a few images I took with my iPhone.  Here’s what you might not understand at first glance: the images here took him only 20 to maybe 60 minutes to complete.

I thought I could draw a little bit before I got to the class.  But they say humility is good for us.  Oh, well.  Practice, practice, practice.  Back to the ‘drawing board’.  Pun intended.


Reclining Nude Sleeping Nude Sitting Nude

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Website goes live!

Today, my website went live.  Not sure what to expect, but imagine I’ll find out soon enough.  In the last two days, I’ve started a Facebook page, and started a Facebook business page.  The idea is to bring a few people to the website to have a look at my art, using social media, which I have never, ever done.  I’ve never tweeted, Facebooked, Pinterested, or Instagrammed, and now I think I’m supposed to learn it all.  It’s like trying to learn to fly the plane when it’s already airborne.

It will work out.  I’m just going to go paint.


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